Polymer Preparation Unit

DEWA A-P automatic polymer preparation systems are an important part of the effective and reliable wastewater treatment process. It is applicable for both municipal and industrial applications. 

The batch preparation technology guarantees the best possible concentration formation. All of the DEWA polymer preparation A-P units are designed for a one-hour ageing time from initial mixing to discharge. Product quality and long lifetime are supported by using high-quality stainless steel material and components. It is easy to combine with other DEWA products.

Polymer concentration is set via calibration of the dry polymer feed rate and dilution water flow rate. The concentration can be adjusted by programming the desired value into the PLC panel. Standard volumes are available from 1 m3 up to 10 m3 with preparation solution strength of 0,05 – 0,4% and can be diluted to the required final strength.

For large-scale applications, DEWA A-P can be supplemented with various peripheral devices, such as big sack handling, manual/automatic post-dilution systems, and air/screw feeding arrangements. Also, the configuration can be changed from the standard double-deck model to the flat mode depending on the client’s space requirement.

Key features

  • Reliable design with optimum polymer dispersion
  • Batch preparation
  • Easy choices for different solution strengths
  • Automatic and semi-automatic post dilution systems
  • Equipped with local PLC, remote control possibilities
  • Big bag loading for dry polymer and post dilution as an options
  • High quality stainless steel material and components
  • Liquid polymer feed as an option
Dewa Polymer Preparation Unit from the top angle

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