Water, wastewater, and sludge treatment projects and processes are challenging and complicated. We help our partners and customers overcome these challenges in the field of sludge treatment. We make sure your processes work, when or wherever our equipment is used!

Pre Sales

Presales are an important part of DEWACO’s business model. We provide consultation and conduct feasibility studies prior to bidding on any project and also work closely with other consulting companies to decide which technology or solution is best used in each situation. Supported by a wide network of professionals, this knowledge-sharing mechanism means that DEWACO can easily demonstrate actual use cases and practically demonstrate the strengths and weaknesses of each solution.

We have a performance-driven, customer-centric approach and we work hard to make sure our products and services meet the agreed requirements. We make commitments that we fully understand and make sure we fulfil them in the allotted time.

Service contracts

We offer service contracts together with spare parts. The details of these contracts are calculated based on the daily/annual use of the plant and machine as well based on customer requirements and scale of service. These contracts provide you with a safe planning basis for several years with costs scaling according to plan. Extended guarantees can be arranged as well.

As the manufacturer, we take full responsibility for the maintenance of our products. Our team of professional support staff travels to plants all over the world, rectifying problems with equipment and providing on-site support to our customers

Service contracts can include everything from inspection visits to comprehensive care and support packages. Please direct your requirements to our sales or service department and we will contact you soon.

Commissioning and site service

After the delivery of DEWA equipment, our experienced commissioning engineers carry out the first commissioning and train plant operators in the safe operation and maintenance of the machinery. This training is the easiest way to learn how to operate the equipment in a cost-effective way and ensure that the process doesn’t suffer due to faulty management of the facilities.

Please do not hesitate to ask the site service team for anything ranging from installation help to supervising, process adjustment, operator training, and maintenance and support questions.

Often, our customers get additional benefits from our experienced engineering teams who can optimize variables like polyelectrolyte consumption via process adjustments.

Upgrades and Modifications

Quite often it is worthwhile to fix and upgrade a very old unit to meet present-day requirements as it can be cost-effective for the customer to bring an old unit into operation via the use of original DEWA spares. The unit can either be self-repaired or put together by us.

DEWACO can also recalibrate a unit built for low-pressure use to handle high-pressure environments. One such example would be changing the roller and tensioning arrangement to respond to the increased requirements of dry solid content.

Dewaco ltd. can supply also equipment to decrease belt wash water consumption by using a recycling system for filtrate water or an oscillatory belt wash system. Retrofit brush pipelines in a belt washing system reduce daily maintenance times and these enhancements also help measure the dry solid content that goes through the process.

Contact us if you’d like to know more about what DEWACO Upgrades & Modifications can do for your business.

We provide equipment and services globally. Our systems are used in over 90 countries.
NSF - Certified to NSF/ANSI/CAN 61