Sludge dewatering

For sludge thickening and dewatering, our solutions are based around belt filter presses and gravity belt thickeners. We also offer all the needed accessories for full dewatering cell including flocculators, polymer-units, control systems, and conveyors. These products have multiple advantages such as low energy consumption and low total lifetime costs.

More than just good equipment is needed to successfully carry out a project that also reaches the set efficiency and sustainability goals. Quality, know-how, flexibility, accuracy, honesty, and the right attitude are all needed to establish trustworthy partnerships that lead to a cleaner future. This is what we offer at DEWA.

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Belt filter press VDP Combo

DEWA VDP combo belt filter press consists of separate high quality thickening and dewatering units. It is applicable for all sludge types, and it has large and powerful pressing zone, which enables excellent dryness of the sludge.

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Belt filter press NPD-XL

DEWA N-PD XL belt filter press is the most  flexible solution for any type of sludge dewatering  applications. N-PD XL belt filter press is  combination of belt thickener and belt press.

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Belt filter press P-C

The DEWA P-C “Mini” sludge dewatering unit is ideal for small-scale sludge dewatering applications.

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Polymer preparation unit

DEWA A-P automatic polymer preparation systems is an important part of effective and reliable wastewater treatment process. It is applicable for both municipal and industrial applications.

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Gravity belt thickener

The DEWA BTN Gravity Belt Thickener is a fully enclosed system, designed to increase the dry solid concentration of the feed sludge considerably.

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DEWA flocculator is used for water and wastewater clarification and to optimal formation of flocs. In the sludge dewatering, it is essential to precondition the sludge with polymer prior to dewatering.

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