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Langat centralized sewage treatment plant

Client: Langat centralized sewage treatment plant

Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Period: 2017-2019


New centralized sewage treatment plant is being built in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and it will be one of the largest wastewater treatment plants in Malaysia. The plant will treat the wastewaters of almost  million inhabitants. The plant will be finished in 2019.


The new centralized sewage treatment plant integrates 164 small inefficient sewage treatment plants and links them directly into one centralized location. The goal of the new plant is to improve the quality of treated wastewater and reduce the sources of pollution to the Langat river.

The aim is to rationalize and improve the sewage treatment services in a modern and environmentally friendly way. The sewage treatment plant uses deep aeration method with step- feed multistage de-nitrification process.


In order to reach the wanted treatment results, 96 DEWA chain scraper systems, and 48 DEWA scum collectors were delivered with installations to the primary clarification of the sewage treatment plant. Efficient primary clarification is important, since it removes the finer solids out of wastewater and it reduces the load in the next phase of the sewage water treatment.

DEWA chain scrapers are reliable, and user-friendly solutions for rectangular settling basins. What is special about DEWA chain scapers is that they can be built on top of each other in two to three layers. DEWA chain scraper system includes unique tensioning system that allows chain tensioning without draining tank. This saves time and resources, and makes it the most operator friendly solution. The delivery of the DEWA chain scaper systems was one of the largest deliveries of chain scrapers in Econet Group.

Reliable and efficient production process increases the customer’s competitiveness. High quality and client’s needs satisfying results were ensured through close collaboration between the sewage treatment plant and Dewaco during the project.

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