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Why DEWA Chain Scraper System stands out


A closer look at over-jump protection

Understanding the complexities of the DEWA chain scraper system requires diving into the question of why it doesn’t require an over-jump protection device. The answer lies in the innovative design that addresses common problems associated with chain scraper systems, providing customers with a reliable and low-maintenance solution.

Before exploring why DEWA’s chain scraper system is exempt from the need for an over-jump protection device, it’s crucial to comprehend why this issue arises in traditional systems. Several factors contribute to the over-jump problem, such as chain and sprocket design, misalignment of sprockets, wear on sprocket teeth, and the loosening of chain tension. To counteract these challenges, companies introduced over-jump protection devices as a preventive measure.

DEWA’s unique solution

DEWA has tackled the root causes of the over-jump problem through a unique design that eliminates the necessity for additional protective measures. The chain and sprocket are meticulously engineered to minimize the possibility of the chain jumping. Multiple teeth are pulling the scraper chain simultaneously at the same time and a large area of each tooth is contacting the chain bush. This design, coupled with the superior construction of the chain, ensures zero friction between the sprocket’s teeth and the chain, eliminating the risk of wear.

Tensioning excellence

A key factor in preventing chain over-jump in DEWA’s system is the advanced tensioning mechanism. This feature maintains the main chains at the optimal tension, leaving no room for the chain to jump off the sprocket. The result is a seamless and reliable operation.

Advantages for customers

The absence of an over-jump protection device in DEWA’s system translates into numerous advantages for customers. The reliability of the system is enhanced, and maintenance is minimized, leading to significant cost savings over time. These benefits are not just theoretical but have been validated through valuable feedback from satisfied clients.


DEWA’s chain scraper system has successfully addressed the over-jump problem by integrating a thoughtful design and advanced tensioning mechanisms. The result is a system that not only operates seamlessly but also eliminates the need for additional protective devices. This innovative approach has garnered positive feedback from clients, establishing DEWA as a leader in providing reliable and efficient solutions for the water and wastewater industry.

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