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Wenzhou wastewater treatment plant, China

Client: Zhejian Fuchun Ziguang Environmental protection (ZZE)
Location: Wenzhou, China
Period: 2017


Zhejiang Fuchun Ziguang Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. (ZZE) offers water treatment and environmental protection services. Since 2016 it has been a subsidiary of Hang Zhou Iron & Steel Co., which is a public company with EUR 12 billion revenue. Hang Zhou Iron & Steel Co. operates in energy saving, environmental protection, steel production, intelligent health, education, and technical services businesses.


The previous sewage treatment plant of Wenzhou was overloaded, which is why a new sewage treatment plant was needed. The new plant’s capacity had to be increased to 400 000 tons per day, which is double compared to the previous plant. Moreover, the new plant was required to be more environmentally friendly than the previous plant and be odor-free. Therefore, the plant was planned to be built partly underground. The finished new sewage treatment plant will be the largest semi-underground sewage treatment plant in Asia. Thus, ZZE turned to Econet Group and DEWA chain scraper systems to reach wastewater treatment, quality, and environmental requirements effortlessly.


Wenzhou sewage treatment plant needed a trustworthy solution for secondary clarification. Thus, 24 two-layer DEWA chain scraper systems were delivered for the Wenzhou sewage treatment plant in 2017. Efficient secondary clarification is crucial because in secondary clarification the leftover phosphorus is removed from the wastewater. Removing phosphorus is essential since it can cause eutrophication in water bodies. High quality and client’s needs satisfying results were ensured through close collaboration between ZZE and Econet Group during the project.

– We were satisfied with the expertise, flexibility, and technology of Econet Group. This is why we also chose to sign MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) with Econet Group to deepen our co-operation, says Lu Yibing from ZZE.

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