DEWA HGT Thickener

DEWA HGT Thickener enhances dry solid concentration in incoming sludge. Its enclosed design curbs odors, while its adaptability effortlessly accommodates varying volumes. Crafted from stainless steel, this thickener ensures lasting reliability. Beyond mere equipment, DEWA HGT Thickener becomes your trusted ally – a choice of efficiency and excellence.

Key features

  • Adjustable Belt Speed, customize speed for different sludge types.
  • Efficient & Cost-effective, get good results without high costs.
  • Easy Maintenance, open hatches for simple upkeep.
  • User-friendly Operation, no complex systems needed.
  • Easy to Move, fit in containers, easy to relocate.
  • Better Performance Choices, add DEWA pressuring plate for improved dewatering.
DEWA HGT Thickener

Tailored to Your Capacity Needs

Are you dealing with various sludge types and seeking exceptional results? The DEWA HGT Belt Thickener offers a broad capacity range to handle your unique requirements.

Effortless Operation and Efficiency

Our innovative design features static belt steering and mechanical belt tensioning, streamlining operation and reducing the need for extra equipment.

User-Friendly Access and Inspections

Equipped with a high-grade, non-metallic cover, our thickener ensures easy access and inspections, making it user-friendly and efficient.

Transport and Storage Convenience

All thickener sizes are container-friendly, minimizing transportation costs and simplifying storage.

Choose the DEWA HGT Belt Thickener for a versatile and cost-effective solution that caters to your specific sludge management needs. Experience efficiency like never before.

Capacity and Dimension Table

HGT 1025HGT 1525HGT 2025HGT 1040HGT 1540
Width mm10401560206010401560
Length mm27002700240046004600
Height mm17001700170017001700
Reach out to our experts for additional information and assistance with sizing.

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