Gravity Belt Thickener BTN

The DEWA BTN Gravity Belt Thickener is a fully enclosed system, designed to increase the dry solid concentration of the feed sludge considerably. Enclosed construction enables odor containment within the unit, simplifying odor extraction by the ventilation pipe located on the top of the cover. This advanced and sophisticated design concept creates a clean and odor-free environment.

Electrical and pneumatic components, as well as bearings, are located outside of the thickener unit frame, which makes it easy to maintain and observe. Another unique feature of the BTN is that it can be interconnected with DEWA Belt Filter Presses as a combined sludge dewatering unit for high dewatering volumes.

Specially designed ploughs enable the opening and turning of the sludge mat and penetration of excess water. The transverse beams located underneath the belt provide downward pressure for improved water removal and prevent the formation of surface tension. High-quality stainless steel material and components make the BTN Belt Thickener robust and reliable.

Key features

  • Fully enclosed and compact design
  • Low energy consumption
  • Capacity for high sludge volumes
  • Alternative configuration possibilities
  • Rigid, non-corrosive frame construction
  • Fully automated operation
  • Low spare part requirement

Capacity and Dimension Table

Belt widthmm110011001600210026003100
Effective filtrate aream22,03,55,37,08,810,5
Sludge flowm3/h5–2010–3015–4520–6030–8040–100
DS Capacitykg DS/h300300–500450–750600–1000900–15001200–1200

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