DEWA F-M Flocculator

Robust and reliable solution

The DEWA F-M Flocculator is an important tool in treating water and wastewater. It helps make water clearer and forms groups of particles called flocs. In sludge dewatering, it’s important to prepare the sludge with a special substance before removing the water. The DEWA F-M Flocculator does this job.

Polymer-powered efficiency

Let’s make your sludge dewatering process even better with the DEWA F-M Sludge Conditioner.

We know that getting rid of water from sludge works best when we prepare it with something special called a polymer. Our F-M Sludge Conditioner is made just for that — help to create perfect groups of stuff called flocs.

Control at your fingertips

Picture having more control. Our F-M Sludge Conditioner comes with a stirring paddle, and you can make it go slower or faster, from 20 to 100 rounds per minute.

Versatile sizing options

Whether you have lots or a little bit of sludge, we’ve got you covered. You can choose from different sizes of tanks that fit your needs.

Built to last

You can trust us. The DEWA F-M is strong and reliable because we built it with tough stainless steel. We know that everything fitting together smoothly matters. That’s why we have different ways to connect the F-M to other equipment, so it all works together well in your setup.

Tailored solutions

Trust a solution that achieves what you need. Choose the DEWA F-M Sludge Conditioner and see how dewatering can be even better. This helps make the flocks perfect for your processes.

Key features

  • Effective mixing: Stirring stick for good mixing, featuring a dynamic paddle stirrer.
  • Versatile connection options: Different ways to connect, providing versatile flange and tray options.
  • Durable construction: Made from strong stainless steel, ensuring robust material and parts for both the body and paddle.
  • Tailored size options: Choose the size for your sludge with convenient model selection.
  • Stability support: Comes with legs for stability, with supporting legs included for added security.

F-M Capacity and Dimension Table

Capacity (l)7511017025035050070010001700
Height (mm)137013701600160019502000215025801600
Weight (kg)8090120135160200330480580
Power (kW)0.370.370.370.550.550.550.750.751.5

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