DEWA F-M Flocculator

For water and wastewater clarification

DEWA flocculator is used for water and wastewater clarification and to optimal formation of flocs. In sludge dewatering, it is essential to precondition the sludge with the polymer prior to dewatering.

DEWA flocculator is designed to obtain the best possible formation of the flocks. It is easy to combine with other machines and equipment.

DEWA Flocculator is equipped with a paddle stirrer, which can be regulated at 20–100 rpm. The motorized paddles ensure the optimum flock formation. Different tank sizes are available according to sludge volumes.

All parts are made of stainless steel, which makes the DEWA flocculator robust and reliable. Different flange and tray options for inlet and outlet enable smooth coupling between DEWA flocculator and other instruments in the dewatering process.

Key features

  • Drive unit equipped with frequency converter
  • Dynamic paddle stirrer
  • Different flange and tray options for inlet/outlet
  • High quality stainless steel material and components
  • Model selection according the sludge volume
  • Supporting legs included

F-M Capacity and Dimension Table


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