DEWA VDP Combo, belt filter press

DEWA VDP combo belt filter press consists of separate high-quality thickening and dewatering units. It is applicable for all sludge types, and it has a large and powerful pressing zone, which enables excellent dryness of the sludge. It is the newest member of DEWA Belt Filter Press family.  The new configuration design maximizes user-friendliness, efficiency, and performance.

DEWA VDP combo belt filter press is easy to combine with other products, such as control cabin, screw conveyor, and polymer preparation unit. The belt filter press is designed to be user-friendly, and it has floor-level positioning for easy access to components and media.

Horizontal Gravity Thickener, DEWA HGT, has an enclosed stainless steel body structure and the top cover is equipped with handy and user-friendly high-grade plastic hatches. Floor-level positioning enables effective use without high-service platforms. DEWA HGT is available in various sizes, providing optimal equipment selection for the client’s process parameters.

Vertical Dewatering Press, DEWA VDP, is an effective, compact, and enclosed dewatering booth. The configuration and wide high-grade plastic salon doors on each side enable easy access to the important components of the press. Ex-tended, vertical pressing zone brings maximum dryness to the sludge cake.

Key features

  • Separate thickener and press, which can be supplied separately
  • Floor-level positioning and user-friendly configuration
  • Totally enclosed structures
  • Large and powerful pressing zone
  • Separate tensioning for all the belts
  • Easy accessibility for components and media
  • Easy maintenance and good spare part availability
  • High-quality corrosion-resistant materials and components
  • Low energy consumption
  • Optimal equipment selection according to the customer’s needs
  • Applicable for all sludge types
  • Available with several accessories
  • Low costs in logistics
Dewa belt filter press vdp combo, inside

VDP Combo capacity and dimension table (with short HGT thickener)

VPD11 COMBO SVPD16 Combo SVPD21 Combo SVPD26 Combo S
Effective pre-dewatering aream22,84,05,35,3
Effective pressing aream28,712,716,620,6
Sludge flowm3/h5-2510-3515-4520-65
DS Capacitykg DS/h150-500250-750350-1000450-1250

VDP Combo capacity and dimension table (with long HGT thickener)

VPD11 COMBO lVPD16 Combo lVPD21 Combo lVPD26 Combo l
Effective pre-dewatering area (m2)4,46,48,48,4
Effective pressing area (m2)8,712,716,620,6
Sludge flow (m3/h)10-3520-4530-6540-90
DS Capacity (kg DS/h)150-500250-750350-1000450-1250
Length (mm)7250725072507250
Width (mm)2200270032503750
Height (mm)2400240024002400
Weight (kg)3800455053005900
Power (kW)2,252,252,62,6

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