Dewa N-PD XL, belt filter press

Introducing our premium Belt Filter Press with an integrated Belt Thickener, featuring a completely separate belt and drive unit. This powerful product excels in delivering outstanding results and flexibility, making it ideal for both municipal and industrial applications. Elevate your water and wastewater treatment processes with this top-of-the-line solution.

Cross-sectional view of the N-PD XL belt filter press

Unbeatable value for a wide range of solutions

Discover the versatility of our N-PD XL Belt Filter Press, available in various sizes to accommodate diverse sludge quantities and loads. With minimal operational and maintenance costs, this model proves to be a substantial investment for your projects, ensuring efficiency without compromising your budget.

Key advantages

  • Independent operation: Separate thickener and pressing sections with distinct belts and drive units.
  • Energy efficiency: Low energy consumption for cost-effective performance.
  • Optimized drive units: Drive units equipped with frequency speed inverters for efficient operation.
  • Pneumatic steering and tensioning: Implemented on both sections (thickener & pressing) for precise control.
  • Efficient cleaning system: Three belts, each featuring a spray cleaning system for effective maintenance.
  • Roller configuration: Three rollers in the thickening area and twenty rollers in the pressing area for enhanced functionality.
  • Premium material construction: Every component crafted from premium stainless steel or high-grade plastic materials.
  • Easy accessibility: Designed for easy access and straightforward maintenance.
  • Convenient covers: Large, lightweight covers facilitate convenient access during maintenance.
  • Long-lasting durability: Remarkably long lifespan, ensuring durability and reliability.
N-PD XL Belt Filter Presses in Dewaco's production facilities

Customize to your needs

  • Efficient filtrate management: Filtrate collection tray for seamless handling.
  • Sludge cake discharge: Discharge hopper designed for effective sludge cake outlet.
  • Intelligent control system: Cutting-edge control system for precision and ease of operation.
  • Enhanced automation: Extended automation features for increased efficiency.
  • Odor management integration: Odor connection for a comprehensive solution.
  • Filtrate water recycling: Recycling water system dedicated to filtrate water for sustainable usage.

Capacity and dimension table

Power (kW)
Weight (kg)140017002200290024004000
Belt width700 mm1100 mm1600 mm2100 mm2600 mm3100 mm
Effective filtrate area6,3 m210,1 m214,5 m219,5 m224,2 m229 m2

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