Belt Filter Press N-PD XL

With integrated belt thickener

This versatile, economical and powerful belt filter press with integrated belt thickener is our most popular sludge dewatering unit for municipal and industrial applications with unbeatable price-quality ratio and low operational costs.

Every component is made of stainless steel or high-grade plastic material which is highly resistant to most corrosive media. This combined with easy access and maintainability of vital parts guarantees reliable operation and a very long lifespan product that will last decades.

Cross-sectional view of the N-PD XL belt filter press

Unbeatable value for wide range of solutions

N-PD XL belt filter press with integrated thickener is available in six different sizes with belt widths from 0,7 to 3,2 meters. High efficiency combined with very low energy consumption, low investment and maintenance cost and long lifespan makes this unit the winning choice for various municipal and industrial applications.

Key advantages and functions

  • Separate thickener and pressing sections with separate belts and drive units
  • Low energy consumption
  • Drive units equipped with frequency
    speed inverters
  • Pneumatic steering and tensioning system on both sections (thickener & pressing)
  • 3 belts, each equipped with spray
    cleaning system
  • 3 rollers in thickening area and 20 rollers
    in pressing area
  • Every component made from stainless steel
    or high-grade plastic materials
  • Easy access and easy maintenance
  • Large lightweight covers
  • Very long lifespan
N-PD XL Belt Filter Presses in Dewaco's production facilities

Customize to your needs

  • Filtrate collection tray
  • Discharge hopper for sludge cake outlet
  • Control system
  • Extended automation
  • Odour connection
  • Recycling water system for filtrate water


  • Low energy consumption
  • Lowest polymer dosage
  • Simple to Operate and Maintain
  • Most repairs can be made in a couple of hours
  • Easy start up and shutdown 
  • Least expensive total Life Cycle Cost
  • Higher Cake Solids than rotary Centrifuge for most sludge types

Capacity and dimension table

Belt width700 mm1100 mm1600 mm2100 mm2600 mm3100 mm
Effective filtrate area6,3 m210,1 m214,5 m219,5 m224,2 m229 m2

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