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Improving quality by increasing knowledge

Certified NDT inspector from Kiwa Inspecta training Dewaco personnel.

Liquid penetrant testing training

Continuous improvement of quality is important to us. Quality control and testing are constantly being developed both in our own operations and in cooperation with our contractual partners. Developing quality also requires developing people’s skills. Most recently, personnel were trained to inspect welding quality using the liquid penetrant testing method. At the same time, the personnel received training on how to perform liquid penetrant leak testing.

Liquid penetrant testing can be used to test all welding assemblies, but it is especially used for items where the weld seam is subjected to high stress, such as the shafts of wide sludge collectors.

Leakage testing can be used instead of water testing for all containers such as polymer preparation units. The technique enables more environment-friendly testing when water use can be minimized.

The trainer was a certified NDT inspector from Kiwa Inspecta and training was based on ISO/TR 25107 standards. Personnel from quality control, design and production participated in the training. With the help of the knowledge gained from the training, we are able to monitor our own and subcontractors’ quality and constantly strive for better results.

Dewaco personnel inspecting welding.