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Econet Group optimizes its structure by merging its subsidiaries Oy Slamex Ab and Dewaco Ltd.


Econet Group subsidiaries Oy Slamex Ab and Dewaco Ltd. have merged into Dewaco Ltd. with business ID 2221862-5. From now on it will be responsible for equipment production and sales.

Econet Group manufactures water treatment and sludge treatment equipment for water and wastewater plants. Due to the best used technology our equipment is highly competitive also at international level. The change in the structure of the company is aimed to offer higher quality services for our customers and will not affect the previously made agreements. The cooperation with our customers will remain intact, without any changes.

In the future, the business strategies will be clearly devided – Econet will be involved in project business and Dewaco Oy will manufacture and supply equipment.

Econet Group is a leading company focusing on contracting and equipment manufacturing. In addition to Finland, the Group operates in numerous export markets, including Southeast Asia and Russia. Econet equipment has already been delivered to 86 countries.

Additional information:
Jari Virtanen, Dewaco Plant Manager, +358 (0)50 3481 338