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Dewaco’s spare parts concept assists and improves clients’ operations

Aquiris wastewater treatment equipment in Brussels.

As evidence of the company’s competitiveness and quality, Dewaco has been collaborating with the French company Veolia in Brussels since 2005 already. The specific challenges related to the maintenance of the Aquiris wastewater treatment equipment in the facility located in the capital of the EU arise from the load, and equipment wear and tear; and the company has been able to respond to this with durable products and its asset management strategy. 

CEO Riku Granberg emphasises that for the DEWA brand, the focus on preventive maintenance for any equipment is of key importance. Awareness and timely consideration of load-related challenges, and customising spare part deliveries to the client’s needs are key. 

Renewal of the agreement is very important for Dewaco in the competitive Central European market. Originally, the company established a completely new kind of service concept, which enables it to respond to the challenges and needs of a significant client flexibly. Dewaco is particularly pleased with the client’s good and knowledgeable approach regarding the preventive maintenance of the facility and the equipment.

According to Romain Minzolini, Asset Manager at Veolia, Dewaco meets the necessary quality requirements, as the asset management strategy is essential for the company, with regard to the ISO standard. He describes the agreement as follows:

How did you end up choosing the Finnish company Dewaco as your business partner?

Chosen in 2005 following a response to a tender issued in the context of the plant’s construction. The design of our tanks and the specificity of the water plant directed us towards Dewaco to select our assets, we have been working with Dewaco for the last 10 years, with a satisfactory product. Thanks to our Asset Management strategy, we were able to improve our reliability on those assets, so it is a win-win situation for us.

Which parts/spare parts has Dewaco supplied to you, and for which applications?

We are using plastic-made scrappers in our waste­water tanks. We have been provided with all kinds of parts throughout the years. lt could have been pins or rods to full plastic flyers. 

How long is the contract period and what does it entail?

Recently, and jointly with our latest ISO 55001 certification, we had pian to improve our spare part management. ln order to do so, we agreed to another 3-year spare part supply management with Dewaco.

This provides us with negotiated set prices on parts, as well as a full batch of spares we need to perform our planned maintenance activities and renewals. Thanks to this we are able to deliver essential services.

Which activities and special challenges are related to this particular delivery? 

ln order to establish this agreement, we had to work internally first on our maintenance planning. This was possible after we aligned all our stakeholders on a common and shared objective. 

Thanks to this and a closer follow-up of our assets, we are now able to anticipate our renewal activities and needs, so Dewaco can deliver the spare we need. 

Are there some special features about co-operation with Dewaco? 

We were assisted by Dewaco with an on-site technical audit. We also had some exchanges for improving their spare part to quality more fitting to our needs.

Veolia – Aquiris Wastewater treatment plant for the city of Bruxelles (BE) 

80% of the grey water of the Bruxelles’ basin goes to the plant for an equivalent of 1.3 million inhabitants. 

Dewaco cooperation agreement includes negotiated prices, storage in Dewaco’s warehouse with a set time to provide transportation of spares to Bruxelles, and the possibility of on-site services. The renewed contract period is another 3 years with the possibility of a renewal at the end of the term.

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