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Customer visits in China


In November 2023, Mr. Shuwei Jiang, our Head of Sales, in Asia, visited customers and project sites across China to fortify our customer relationships.

Dewaco’s solutions for effective wastewater treatment

Throughout these visits, we garnered positive feedback from customers who commended our products for their durability, stability, and cost-efficiency. Particularly noteworthy is the resilience of our chain scraper systems in wastewater environments, delivering a smooth and fully functional operation that effectively meets the demands of wastewater treatment. The low maintenance requirements of our systems have contributed to minimizing the overall operational costs.

Reliable partner

Our customers also expressed high regard for the services offered by our distribution partners in China. Coupled with the prompt and solution-driven service teams in the region, DEWA has earned a reputation among our customers as a reliable partner throughout the entire life cycle of our products. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all our customers in China and eagerly anticipate the prospect of new collaborations.

Mr. Shuwei Jiang from Dewaco in front of a rectangular sedimentation basin