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Belt filter press vs. centrifuge in sludge dewatering

Dewa belt filter presses

Sludge dewatering basically minimizes waste in the wastewater treatment process. When done correctly this can have many advantages as we wrote before in our blog post.

In this table, we focus on comparing two sludge dewatering technologies. Dewaco solutions are based on belt filter presses and gravity belt thickeners. The findings here are based on OWEA Biosolids Specialty Workshop.

Belt Filter PressDecanters Centrifuge
Low energy requirementHigh energy requirement
Lowest polymer dosageHigh usage of polymer
Simple to operate and maintainMore complicated to operate and maintain
Easy start-up and shutdown amenable to intermittent operation, a few hours dailyStart-up and shutdown take time and must be done carefully to avoid major damage to unit, Operation needs to be continuous
Low carbon footprintLargest carbon footprint
Maintenance can be done by plant personnelMaintenance cannot be done by plant personnel
The process is observable allowing quick operator response to unstable conditions to avoid upsetsAn unstable sludge feed can make performance difficult to monitor and make the proper adjustment
No requirements for any special structural foundationSpecial structural requirements for equipment foundation
Most repairs can be made in a couple of hoursDowntime for repairs usually takes weeks/months
Least expensive total Life Cycle CostRequire many units to be economically viable

OWEA Biosolids Specialty Workshop, December 3. 2015, Dan Fronhofer, P.E. BDP Industries.

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