Client: Oy Pohjanmaan Biokaasu - Österbottens Biogas Ab

Location: Kokkola, Finland

2011 - 2012

The biogas plantwas constructed for solid waste treatment. The Contract included all the works related to the construction of a biogas plant: area works, construction works, HVAC-works, piping works, mechanical and electrical works, and instrumentation.

Econet Ltd acted as a subcontractor and its scope included supply and installation of piping, mechanical and electrical equipment, HVAC and instrumentation.

The biogas is utilized in gas engines to produce heat and electricity.  
The dried sludge is further composted and applied in landscaping.

Septic Tank Sludge: 45 000 t/a

Municipal sludge: 33 250 t/a

Industrial Sludge: 4 000 t/a

Biogas: 1 200 000 m3/a

Electricity: 2 800 MWh/a

Heat: 3 000 MWh/a


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